Hostess for Anuga in Cologne

Hostess for Anuga in Cologne

Do you know about one of the biggest exhibitions (after Sial in Paris) full of food and beverages? This is Anuga Cologne. They have tasted even in their claim which sounds "Taste the future". You can try samples from every country around the world. You can see live culinary. And the most important is that you can see our hostesses in reality - how they are working, how professional they are or how they perform at the stand. Enjoy your meetings with clients and let our hostesses help you with running both.



Hostess and Models for Anuga 2023

Hostess and Models for Anuga 2021

Our beautiful skilled hostess for Anuga Cologne 2019

Reference from our satisfied client:

Noreyna Benydin - Chutoree, Lead Professional, Economic Development Board Mauritius

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